This page provides the instructions for installing “theWord” Bible Software.

“theWord” is a free Bible software application.
By installing “theWord”,
you will have free access to Bibles from around the world.
First, go to the official homepage for “theWord” by clicking this address:
The following page will open.


Next, click “Downloads”.


Click “theWord”.


Click “Download Now”.


Click “theword-setup-en.exe”.


Click “Next>”.


Click “Next>”.


Click “I Agree”.


Click “Next>”.


Click “Next>”.


Click “Install”.


Installation will begin.


Click “Finish”.


“theWord” will start.


Click the “Beginner”, “Basic”, and “Default” buttons to confirm the details of each.
Then click “Default” to setup the layout.


Click “OK”.


Click the “x” on the upper right to close the program.


Check that “theWord” icon appears on your desktop.


Next, let’s install various modules.
Go once again to the official homepage of “theWord”.
Click “Downloads” and then click “Module Library”.


This will open the Download add-on modules page.
Scroll through the various modules.


For Japanese bibles, you will be able to find the Japanese Bible Society 1955 Edition of the Bible (JBS1955) provided by the Japanese Bible Society.


Click “Japanese Bible Society 1955 Edition of the Bible”.


Click “Next>”.


Click “I Agree”.


Click “Install”.


Click “Finish”.


Next, search for other modules such as Koine Greek New Testaments and resources (16). For example, click and install “SBL Greek New Testament (SBLGNT)” and “Westcott-Hort with NA27/UBS4 variants (1881) Greek NT with Strong’s Numbers and parsing info (WHNU) “.


Furthermore, you can search for Hebrew modules (6). Click and install “Hebrew interpolated Study Bible (with Strong’s numbers, English gloss, Transliteration, Morpheme indicators) (HiSB)”.


After installing those modules and any other modules you might like, click “theWord” icon to restart “theWord”.
(Modules highlighted in blue are free. Modules highlighted in green with lock symbol are paid modules. Purchasing them is optional.)


Click the “▼” button on the right of “Compare”.


Click the “Select Bible texts for Compare View”.


Place a check in the “□” box next to the modules (as shown by the 6 red arrows). Disable the other checks.


Six Bible versions will now displayed adjacent to each other.


The Koine Greek SBLGNT and WHNU only display New Testament texts.
The Hebrew HiSB only displays Old Testament texts.
Since we are currently only interested in New Testament resources, open the “Compare ▼” again and disable the HiSB check mark.


Six Bible versions will be displayed.
Use the scroll bar in the Bible books menu panel to scroll through the list of books.


Click “Matt”. This will open the New Testament book of Matthew.


Click “RMAC-en”.


For example, click on the word “βιβλος” in the WHNU column.


The meaning of “βιβλος” will be displayed in the lower left window. Grammar information for “βιβλος” will be displayed in the lower right window.


Since we are not using “Book view[1]: Commentary”, click the “x” on the upper right of the window to close the window.


Click the green icon outlined in red to search the Bible.


The Bible Search view window will be opened.


Let’s search for the word “generation” in the KJV. Click the “▼” on the left of the search window.


Click “Specify Bible”.


Click “KJV”.


Highlight the word “generation” in the KJV and right click.


Click “Copy selection”.


Delete the word currently in the search window. Right click and choose “Paste”.


Press Enter after checking that “generation” was entered into the search window.


The results for “generation” will be displayed, but the results window might be too small for your liking. Drag the window titled “Bible Search view [3]” and move your cursor below to drop it in the lower portion of the screen.


The “Bible Search view [3]” will be moved to the lower portion of the screen. Since the size of the window is still too small, drag at the position of the red line and move your cursor to the right to drop it in an appropriate position.


The list of verses for “generation” will be displayed. For example, click the top-most result, which is “Gen 2:4” to open the Bible to Genesis 2:4.